Adagio by Softrak
(Ideal for Smaller Companies)

Another Canadian developed solution
Most Adagio users formerly used ACCPAC® Plus™ for DOS, Accpac for Windows™, QuickBooks®, Simply Accounting™, or Microsoft Office Accounting™.


Because Adagio shares a common heritage with ACCPAC Plus,there is no data conversion required when moving to Adagio. In fact, the procedures are so similar between Adagio and ACCPAC. Plus that no training is required for the move, just a simple orientation. If you use ACCPAC Plus, you’ll appreciate that a mouse is not required for any data entry in Adagio. In fact, your dealer or consultant can send you a free

Adagio unMouse Pad which shows the standard Windows keyboard shortcuts to use to speed data entry. Accpac for Windows. Many former ACCPAC Plus users, who moved to Accpac for Windows before Adagio was available, have since moved up to Adagio for the speed, convenience, and lower cost of maintenance.

Entry Level Accounting Software

If your company has outgrown entry level accounting software such as QuickBooks, Simply Accounting or Microsoft Office Accounting and you need more security, flexibility and features; it’s time to look at Adagio.

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Adagio by Softrak