Dynacom –Enterprise
(Ideal for Small to Mid-Size Companies)


Developed in Canada Dynacom is one of the broadest ERP suites on the market, with a wide variety of functions that make it suitable for most small to mid-sized businesses, Dynacom ERP offers companies truly integrated modules which means you get complete flexibility to run your business your way. This product is suitable for companies with up to 100 users. A French version is available.

Built on a Microsoft SQL Server database, known for its unequaled efficiency and reliability, the Dynacom ERP solution provides you considerable flexibility in configuring modules, functions, documents, processes, reports, languages, application scenarios and integrated applications with the Synergy Designer tool. It enables an enterprise to rapidly deploy a management system that is tailored to its specific requirements. In addition, through the integrated Synergy Designer tool, Dynacom ERP also supports fast customization and the development of new functions and close integration with third-party systems.

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Dynacom - Enterprise

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