Microsoft Forecaster 7.0


Compatible with either SQL or Oracle databases Microsoft Forecaster is the fast and affordable budgeting and planning application that can help organizations take control of their finances, contain costs, and prevent fiscal surprises. Equipped with Microsoft Forecaster, companies can budget and plan for the future more efficiently and accurately. Integrates with FRx for Dynamics for financial reporting.

Microsoft Forecaster 7.0 Puts You in Control
Today's dynamic business environment requires flexible budget development and fast, easy revision capabilities. Microsoft Forecaster allows you to effortlessly distribute budgeting data and financial information throughout your organization, collaborate with management, plan more effectively, and achieve your business objectives. Microsoft Forecaster is designed to work for your company. If you want timely, relevant budgeting and planning in your company, start experiencing the benefits of Microsoft Forecaster today.

Realize the Benefits of Budgeting and Planning—Immediately
Budgeting and planning for your financial future with Microsoft Forecaster can have a positive impact on your company's bottom line - immediately - and show an ongoing return on investment through time and money savings.

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